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Food Drive for the St. Petersburg Free Clinic

We participated with the Wallace Construction Group in a food drive for The St.Petersburg Free Clinic.

Food is a basic need. It’s life sustaining. But what if you didn’t always have access to enough food for you or your family? What if you had to choose between paying your rent or buying food to feed your kids dinner? Lack of access to food not only affects our health and mental well-being, it causes worry and desperation when it’s not readily available to us.

This is our why. It’s the reason we’re the #1 emergency food distributor in Pinellas County. The Free Clinic Food Bank distributes food free of charge to over 65 partner agencies in our community: food pantries, shelters, community kitchens, missions, residential programs, and child care centers.

Over 50,000 of our neighbors in need receive food assistance through this collaborative effort every month. We’re not just helping feed people. We’re restoring hope to seniors. Nourishing kids so they can excel in school. And making families whole again.

Please consider hosting a food drive with your office!

Every day we are inspired by the generosity of our community. Whether it’s a donation of time or money, we know firsthand how this simple gesture impacts those struggling with hunger or food insecurity in our neighborhoods.

Small things add up. That’s how change happens. So whether you’re organizing a food drive, packing a food backpack for a child, or donating money—your efforts matter.


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