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A Kid's Place Graduation Celebration

We are proud to spread the graduation celebration milestone for A Kid's Place one of Young BD Group's community involvement partners.

Have you ever been given a surprise party to celebrate a huge milestone? How did you feel? Maybe you cried tears of joy, breathed a sigh of relief, or held your head up with pride. You remember the ups and downs, challenges, and hard work it took for you to pass that test, raise that grade, and keep going when you wanted to quit and finally, YOU MADE IT!

A Kid’s Place recently hosted our first Graduation Celebration Luncheon. Held at the Center Place Fine Arts and Civic Association, our kids and staff were welcomed into a beautiful black and gold decorated hall complete with streamers, confetti, and huge 2021 balloons at the center of the room. The kids all dressed to impress ooo’d and ahhh’d as they made their way to their seats.


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